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Virtual Office in Georgia

Virtual Office in Georgia

With a virtual office in Tbilisi, your business will benefit from the presence of a high-profile office at a fraction of the costs of a traditional office. Our specialists in company formation in Georgia have a vast experience on the procedures related to the registration of a business in this country, as well as on virtual office services.

When selecting the services of a virtual office, the investors should know that the main advantage is given by the fact that the monthly costs are considerably lower compared to renting an office space, regardless of the virtual office package preferred. When opening a company in Georgia and renting an office, this procedure is generally established through a rental agreement that is usually signed on a yearly basis. In the case of a virtual office, there is no contractual obligation established on a long-term basis, as such services can be selected on a monthly basis. 

 Quick Facts  
Address availability (YES/NO)


Local phone number (YES/NO)

 Yes, included in the standard package

Company registered address use possibility (YES/NO)

Yes, included in the standard package

Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO)

Yes, available on request

Meeting room availability (YES/NO)

Yes, with prior booking

Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)

Yes, on request

Uses of a virtual office

– legal address for company incorporation,

– local contact point for local and foreign companies,

– business address for professionals

Documents required to acquire the service

Contract drafted by the service provider

Customized services availability (YES/NO)

Ye, the client can choose the services desired

Availability in one or more cities

Yes, availability in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi

Timeframe to acquire the service (approx.)

1 – 2 days, depending on the service solicited

Employee required


Availability of other services

– bank statement collection and forwarding,

– traditional mail collection and forwading

Minimum rental period

One month


– multiple options to choose from,

– cheap and easy to obtain service,

– minimum documentation required to purchase,

– personalized facilities

Which are the main services offered by a virtual office in Georgia? 

The virtual office package provided by CompanyFormationGeorgia.com contains a set of services that can be used for developing a business presence on the local market. The main advantages provided by a virtual office in Georgia refer to the below mentioned aspects, which can be chosen by businessmen in accordance with their needs:

  • prestigious business address in Georgia for a credible and risk-free base for corresponding with clients;
  • registered office necessary for establishing a company in any major Georgian city;
  • mail collection and forwarding – we can arrange to collect your mail according to your instructions;  
  • incoming and outgoing faxes – you can use our local fax number and we can collect and send faxes to you, regardless of your current location; 
  • local phone number in Tbilisi, Georgia and voice mailbox – all of yourvoice messages will be forwarded to you by email.

What other types of services are available through a Georgian virtual office? 

Since the needs of eachcompany can vary, foreign and local businessmen can request additional services that can be employed when opting toconduct a business through a virtual office in Georgia and our team of specialists may further advise on this matter. Investors may also request the following types of additional services:

  • dedicated fax service (you can request a fax with your own private and dedicated number);
  • call redirecting – through specialized technology, incoming calls can be redirected to your primary number;
  • businessmen operating in Georgia can also request the collection of bank statements;
  • our representatives can also help investors in obtaining extra usage of the meeting room.

What are the benefits of a virtual office in Georgia? 

virtual office can be a great option for those interested in opening a company in Georgia. This is given by the fact that one of the registration requirements imposed to any local business is to have an official business address and the virtual office can be used for this purpose, thus avoiding renting or purchasing a location where the company can set up its business operations. 

The virtual office can be a great solution in the case of those who want to start a small business in their own name (for example, through a sole trader), who do not dispose of the necessary financial means to rent premises that can be used as a business office. At the same time, the virtual office can be selected by businessmen who have registered a start-up or by any type of company that does not need to carry its business activities in a traditional manner. 

Virtual office in Georgia – employment advantages

When referring to employment, the virtual office can also have a positive effect on the company, as well as on the company’s employees. Considering that the services of a virtual office are selected mainly with the purpose of having a fixed place where the company’s partners and clients can find the businessman, but also with the purpose of having a prestigious business address, the company’s activities will generally be developed from a remote location. 

This also applies to the company’s employees, who are not required to be present in the office. Instead, they can develop their daily tasks from any given location. Since they can carry their activity from literally any place, the company can extent its employment base outside the city/region where it is located and thus, it can benefit from a larger talent pool, which also includes foreign markets. 

Our team of consultants in company registration in Georgia can assist businessmen with advice on how to employ foreign workforce; our representatives may provide an extensive presentation on the types of employment contracts that can be used in this case and the tax obligations applicable when hiring local workforce. Our team can also represent investors in the procedures for tax registration, including for VAT registration in Georgia

What are the current statistics on remote work? 

Working from a remote location became increasingly popular in the last years, and this is given by the fact that the internet services expanded at a fast pace and it is now used at a means for selling various products and services, but also as one of the main communications tools, including in the business environment. 

Since numerous types of work activities are mainly based on using a computer program and do not necessarily need constant interaction with other departments in a company, numerous companies have discovered a wide range of advantages in offering remote work activities. Some of the most common trends are presented below: 

  • 65% of the companies involved in a study regarding the employment trends declared that they allow their employees to work from a remote location (in a study that comprised 1000 businesses);
  • the highest rate (of 69%) was registered in the case of large companies (employing more than 500 employees);
  • the lowest rate (of 55%) was registered in the case of medium sized companies;
  • 47% of all the companies participating in the study have created a system comprised of both remote work and office work;
  • 67% of the participants have mentioned that work activities developed from a remote location are considered productive;
  • only 7% of the participants mentioned that working from a remote location is seen as a non-productive activity;
  • remote work is also possible in the case of public institutions, but when referring to educational institutions, the rate is very low, of only 12%, as most of the jobs need the daily presence of the company’s employees in the office;
  • however, a high rate of governmental workers (of 70%) can work remotely, but in their case, their jobs combine remote work with fixed office hours

For more details related to the virtual office package, you may contact our specialists in company formation in Georgia, who can advise on the main services that should be chosen in this case. Our team of specialists can assist foreign businessmen in expanding their business on the local market. Investors can request for additional information on other advantages that can apply when selecting the services of a virtual office, even in other countries where we can put them in touch with our local partners.

Please mind that if you want to start a company in Georgia, you do not have to spend a large capital for this procedure. For instance, the registration of the company with the Georgian institutions cost only GEL 100 – the standard registration fee. 

For those who want to expedite the registration procedure, there is the possibly of paying a higher fee, of GEL 200, for same-day registration.  

Foreign investors who are decided to start a business in Georgia are allowed to register any of the legal entities regulated by the Georgia law. 

At the moment, there are many business opportunities in fields such as: energy, marketing, agriculture, manufacturing, information technology, tourism and hospitality industries, real estate, catering industry, transportation and many others. 

When you will start your business activities, you will be required to maintain the accounting documents of the company, which keep a clear image of all the transactions made. 

For this, you will need the services of accountants in Georgia, who are the sole entities that can maintain, process and submit the financial papers of a business in accordance with the applicable law.