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EORI Registration in Georgia

EORI Registration in Georgia

The EORI refers to the procedure for Economic Operators Registration and Identification, introduced under the regulations of the European Union (EU). The EORI system was introduced for safety measures related to the goods and products traded inside the EU. Investors who want to open a company in Georgia performing trading activities on the EU’s market will need an EORI number assigned by a customs authority of the EU. The EORI number assigned to a legal entity in Georgia will be unique at the level of the EU and valid across all the member states of the CommunityOur team of agents in company formation in Georgia can provide in-depth advice on the EORI registration

EORI regulations in 2024

The EORI system was created under the Regulation (EEC) No. 2913/92, amended several times since its creation. Under the provisions of the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 312/2009, all economic operators that have to complete customs operations are required to have an unique EORI number, which is comprised by a specific country code, followed by an assigned customs numberOur team of specialists in company registration in Georgia can offer further information on the country’s EORI code

Please mind that if you are a Georgian company trading with the United Kingdom (UK), starting with the 1st of January 2021 new regulations are in force, with regards to the procedures for trading across borders, as the UK is no longer a part of the European Union (EU). If you are dealing with the import of goods into the UK you will need an EORI number issued by the UK authorities, a code that will be necessary for the relation with the trading institutions here. The number is required only for the trade of goods and if you provide services, you will not need an EORI number in 2024. 

Please mind that if you represent a Georgian company and you want to import products into the EU, you will be asked, starting with February 2024, to provide additional mandatory information concerning your company, as per the latest EU regulations. Thus, foreign companies need to insert their postal code in the forms for EORI registration.

If you are a company that has already been registered for EORI in the EU, it is necessary to update your current information, as if you do not perform this activity, customs formalities can be delayed, which can lead to delays in the import of goods. It is mandatory to address the customs authorities of the country where you first registered for EORI so that you can offer this information.

EORI on customs documents in Georgia

For 2024, all companies which perform customs procedures have to present their EORI number, which was introduced, amongst numerous reasons, in order to reduce the lengthy procedures that are usually handled in this case. The EORI number has to appear on specific customs documents, such as: 

customs declarations;

• declarations for import-export purposes;

• appeals;

• applications for customs refunds.

There is a distinction between the EORI registration for subsidiaries and branches operating in GeorgiaSubsidiaries are required to apply for the EORI number, while the branches do not have to enter any procedures, as the parent-company has the main responsibility to obtain the EORI number

It is important to know that the EORI number becomes valid in a period of 24 hours after the relevant authorities have assigned a code to an economic operator.

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