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Set Up Poti Free Zone Company in Georgia

Set Up Poti Free Zone Company in Georgia

Poti is the first free industrial zone in Georgia developed by an investment authority from the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with the Georgian government. Investors who set up a Poti free zone company in Georgia enjoy certain tax benefits, a great location and other business opportunities.

The city of Poti is a port in Georgia with access to the Black Sea. Its position is favorable for import and export activities and the city is an important industrial center. Our company formation agents in Georgia can help you open a company in any area of the country and guide you throughout the company incorporation procedure.

The Free Zone company in Georgia – main legal entities 

Foreign investors can generally set up in the Free Zone in Georgia any of the legal entities that are prescribed by the Georgian commercial law. Thus, investors can opt to open a company in Georgia as a limited liability company, a general partnership or a limited partnership and the joint stock company. 

For all the company types mentioned above, the process of company formation in Georgia can be completed in a matter of one or two business days. However, each company type has different incorporation requirements, on matters regarding the number of founders, the minimum capital, the statutory documents of the company and others. This why we highly recommend you to address first to our team of consultants in company registration in Georgia, who are qualified to help foreign investors in setting up a business here.  

The Poti free industrial zone in Georgia

The advantages of opening a company in a free zone in Georgia are strategic as well as operational. Tax advantages are another important reason why investors choose to open companies in the Poti free zone. Strategic and operational advantages in the Poti free zone include:

  • • good geographical location in the country and in Europe and proximity to the Poti port;
  • • a strategic corridor and easy company set-up procedure;
  • • full foreign ownership and no requirements for minimum capital for companies;
  • • low costs for licenses and permits and 100% capital and profit repatriation;
  • • accessible labor costs, which are available at a national level, not only in the free zone.  

While Georgia has an attractive taxation system all around the country, the free zone will provide additional benefits for investors. Tax advantages in the Poti free zone include: 0% VAT, 0% dividend tax and 0% profit on the property tax. The tax on imports and exports is also abolished in the free zone, however, there is a 4% tax levied on sales to Georgia from the free industrial zone and vice versa.

Tax comparison between Free Zone company in Georgia and the rest of the country 

Regarding the process of company formation in Georgia, it is necessary to know that the registration of the company will follow the basic steps that are applicable under the national law, regardless if the company is set up in a free zone or anywhere else in the country. 

However, the Free Zone company in Georgia can benefit from simplified procedures, although the registration of a company in this country has some of the simplest steps imposed in its area. Besides this important advantage, investors will also benefit from major tax advantages. To have a better image on this matter, in the list below you can find the main taxes charged to companies operating in the country and the tax exemptions available in a free zone

  • • the import tax charged at a national level is of 12%, while in the Free Zone in Georgia is taxed at a 0% rate;
  • • the non-free zone companies are charged with a VAT of 18%, while companies in free zones are exempt from the payment of this tax;
  • companies in Georgia are required to pay a corporate tax of 15%, while in the free zones, companies are taxed at a 0% rate, but there is an exemption in this sense, where a tax of 15% is charged to a Free Zone company in Georgia operating as a service company, according to the Poti Free Industrial Zone website;
  • free zones companies are charged with a 0% dividend tax, while non-free zone companies must pay a 5% tax;
  • • the taxation of the personal income is charged at the same rate for both regions – here, a rate of 20% is applied;
  • • there isn’t any tax on property in Georgian free zones, while in the country, a tax rate of 1% is imposed in accordance with the current law. 

Companies in the Poti free zone

Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Georgia, registered in the Poti Free Zone, will have to apply for a specific type of license, required based on the company’s object of activity. The availablelicense types include: manufacturing and commercial activities, general trade activities and special trade and warehousing. 

One will need a license for consulting activities and other services, logistics and contracting and financial and banking services. Investors in the Poti zone can rent land plots, warehouses and industrial units or offices and storage rooms at affordable prices.

What are the strategic advantages of the Poti Free Zone in Georgia?

Opening a company in Georgia in a free zone has multiple advantages, which are not limited only to tax benefits and exemptions. Although tax benefits are very appealing for investors regardless of their business field, they will also search for additional incentives or advantages, that can increase the possibility of developing a successful business. 

For instance, the infrastructure, the procedures for the issuance of the permits or the location of the free zone can become important matters for investors, regardless of the place in which they want to set up their business. Starting the process of company formation in Georgia in this free zone will first provide access to the Poti Sea Port, which is one of the most developed ports in the Black Sea region. 

Foreign investors should also take into consideration that the Free Zone grants access to various transportation routes, such as highways or railways, an aspect of crucial importance for companies that have to transport goods and products in Georgia or in other countries. 

The Poti Free Zone in Georgia also offers access to important Georgian airports, which are in the near vicinity of this area – here, we mention the Kutaisi Airport, the Batumi Airport and the Tbilisi airport. Another benefit of this region is that businessmen can deliver their products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as the free zone has two customs points that work non-stop. 

With regards to customs points, it is worth knowing that in this free zone, the customs procedures are rather simplified and that one can obtain customs clearance in a period of approximately 30 minutes, after following all the standard customs regulations. We invite investors to request information on the customs regulations applicable here from our team of consultants in company registration in Georgia.  

The Poti free industrial zone allows for the incorporation of all types of companies in Georgia. Our experts can tell you more about the limited liability company, the branch and other types of legal entities. You can contact our company registration agents in Georgia, if you want to know more about investing in a free industrial zone.