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Special Permits and Licenses in Georgia

Special Permits and Licenses in Georgia

legal entity performing business activities on the Georgian territory will need to obtain special permits and licenses issued by the relevant authorities, depending on the specific activities of the respective company. During the procedure of company formation in Georgia, the investors have to verify what types of permits are necessary to conduct certain operations, as prescribed by the local legislation, which imposes such documents for approximately 30 business activitiesOur team of specialists in company formation in Georgia can offer in-depth assistance on legislation regulating this corporate matter. 

Legislation on permits and licenses in Georgia  

The legislation referring to special permits and licenses in Georgia was modified in 2005, when the local authorities created a new legal framework for the types of permits and the manner in which they can be obtained by businessmen, simplifying the former procedure

The 2005 Law of Georgia on Licenses and Permits reduced the number of required permits by 84% and, at the moment, there are only 86 licenses and 50 permits available for businesses registered here. 

Businessmen who want to open a company in Georgia should know that most of the Georgian permits and licenses are generally prescribed for the following situations:

safety and health protection;

security of living conditions;

protection of state and public interest.

The Georgian legislation on the matter provides extensive information on the business activities that do require business permits and our team of representatives in company registration in Georgia can offer advice on the documents that have to be submitted with the local institutions. 

If you want to open a company in Georgia, you can rely on our team of consultants not only for the process of obtaining special permits and licenses, but for any other part that can be important when starting a business activity. 

We can also help you in the process of selecting the services of a virtual office or we can provide legal representation to investors who want to purchase a ready-made company. 

Procedure for obtaining Georgian permits and licenses 

In order to further improve the business environment in Georgia, the local government established new rules for the issuance of permits, under the one-stop-shop principle. Through this, the institution that should provide a business license can collect information on the company from other relevant agencies. The issuing institution has to provide an administrative act on granting the respective document in a period of 30 days after the requesting company sent the application form

Businessmen can receive in-depth assistance on other procedures involved in this case from our agents. Please contact our team of consultants in company formation in Georgia for tailored advice on a specific business permit a legal entity may need.